Carroll ISD Needs Your Help

The Texas Legislature is in the final days of a two-year legislative session. Current state funding formula legislation is still not sufficient to fund Texas schools appropriately. See the new letter below to ask the legislature for urgent consideration of the needed changes. 


  • "A" rating from TEA with a score of 98
  • 8-time UIL Lone Star Cup winners
  • Record number of National Merit Scholars
  • Numerous championship teams and squads
  • Robotics teams and other high-level extracurricular student activities
  • Excellent students, teachers, and community

HOWEVER — we’ve been accomplishing this despite challenging financial circumstances

  • 82% of CISD revenue is determined by a state funding formula, which makes the district the 4th LOWEST state-funded in Texas
  • A Robin-Hood-style scheme of “recapture” has been diverting over a third of our funding to other districts
  • Our funding has also not kept pace with record inflation and increased costs while our state funding remains flat through an insufficient formula
  • The state is enjoying a $33 Billion surplus - which they should share with our students


Take Action Now!

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Stand Up For CISD

Contact your legislators

This letter will be sent on your behalf, asking our leaders to TAKE ACTION:

Dear [name of representative],

We are concerned about the insufficient state funding formula that has not been changed in four years. Please consider the following needs when voting on the state budget:

  • Basic allotment increase of $893 per student
  • Reform recapture to allow a 10% discount on pre-payment for districts who pay early - effective immediately

Without meaningful change, Texas schools are at risk of cutting award-winning programs and student opportunities. 

We appreciate the focus on increasing school safety and special education funding, teacher raises, state testing flexibility, and the reduction of state mandates in currently proposed bills.

Thank you for your leadership as you consider using the record $33 billion surplus to appropriately fund our schools.


[your name]

Note: If you would like to send a customized letter, you may copy and use any or all of the above letter and/or add your own words as you see fit. Please be sure to cc on your custom email to your representatives so we can keep count of your advocacy efforts and support! 

Once you fill out the form, your email will be sent to your local representatives as well as the education conference committee.

You may reach your representatives at the following: 
Senator Hancock: 

(If in the city of Grapevine) Senator Tan Parker: 
Representative Capriglione: 

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Programs within our top-performing school district are at risk due to a shortfall in state funding. We are facing a challenging financial situation due to circumstances out of our control such as an insufficient state funding formula, record inflation, a recession, and a "recapture" scheme that diverts CISD funds to other districts. There are SOLUTIONS - but we need your help!